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snicky doodle superfood cookies

snicky doodle superfood cookies

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6 or 12 gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, oil free, grain free cookies in plantbased, compostable packaging.


•organic, blanched almond flour: low carb, low glycemic index, made from pure almonds grown without pesticides or chemicals, rich in antioxidant Vitamin E which may prevent damage from free radicals, rich in magnesium which may improve blood sugar, insulin resistance & blood pressure, rich in monounsaturated fat which may help keep cholesterol under control 

•organic potato starch: high in resistant starch which is a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in the gut, producing anti-inflammatory, anti-aging short chain fatty acids, promotes blood sugar regulation and feelings of fullness

organic coconut sugar: unrefined & naturally derived from the coconut palm tree, contains trace minerals and phytonutrients like zinc & iron, contains inulin (prebiotic fiber) which is beneficial to gut health & slows the absorption of sucrose into the bloodstream, low glycemic index

•organic, pure maple syrup: unrefined, no preservatives or artificial colors/flavors, contains at least 24 different antioxidants which may reduce free radical damage that can cause inflammation & contribute to the formation of various chronic diseases, contains magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc

•organic vanilla extract powder: all natural, alcohol free

•baking powder: aluminum free, corn free

choice of:

•Ceylon cinnamon: commonly referred to as “true cinnamon” - harvested from a small tree that is native to Sri Lanka, studies have shown ceylon cinnamon to be anti-diabetic by reducing blood sugar spikes, increasing insulin sensitivity & improving metabolic markers, several of cinnamon’s bioactive compounds appear to block a protein called tau from accumulating in the brain - tau buildup is a characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, contains anti-microbial & anti-carcinogenic properties, manganese, calcium and fiber which may improve gut & bone health 
-why use ceylon cinnamon over the more common and less expensive cassia cinnamon? (cassia is what you get when something is just labeled cinnamon)
 on average, cassia cinnamon powder has up to 250 times more coumarin compared to ceylon cinnamon powder - coumarin is toxic in large quantities & known to cause liver, lung and kidney damage


•pumpkin spice: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves - healthy dose of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and antimicrobial agents which aid blood sugar control and fat burning

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