About Superfood City

Superfood City provides healthy treats that are ALWAYS vegan, all natural and organic. They NEVER contain gluten, refined sugar, preservatives, natural flavors, artificial ingredients, soy, corn, stevia or inflammatory vegetable/seed oils. Every single ingredient has been extensively researched and vetted to meet our extremely high standards (especially when it comes to glyphosate and heavy metals). We want everyone to not only indulge without guilt, but know that every ingredient serves a purpose and a health benefit. Our products are filled with gut healthy fiber, anti-aging antioxidants, anti-inflammatory omega 3s and fat burning MCTs, just to name a few. Superfood City treats were created by a certified functional nutrition coach who focuses on optimizing nutrition, improving digestion, calming inflammation, eating for optimal brain, heart, gut & hormone health and making sustainable food choices. We care about the planet as much as we care about the ingredients. All of our packaging is eco-friendly, plantbased and compostable or recyclable. We bake on recycled, unbleached parchment paper and use non-toxic baking trays. Our mission is to create guilt free treats without sacrificing taste, the health of the consumer or the health of the planet.  

Superfood City HQ

  • Meet the founder, CEO, baker, customer service, order fulfillment and health coach: Caitlin!

    When I left the NYC corporate world during the pandemic, I decided to follow my true passion: health and wellness. I became a certified functional nutrition coach and started Superfood City in 2021.

  • Since originally going vegetarian due to my love of animals in 2015, I started researching and learning how to cook and bake with my new lifestyle. The more I learned, the more I adjusted my diet and lifestyle to obtain optimal health. I eventually ended up going fully vegan then layered in gluten free, refined sugar free, avoiding vegetable/seed oils, and reducing my plastic use. I don't see any of these modifications as restrictions, rather investments in my health.

  • I started making healthier versions of everything to still align with my values yet satisfy all cravings. One day in a health food store, I was searching for a healthy treat. I couldn't find ANYTHING that didn't have ingredients I try to avoid: cane sugar, inflammatory oils, dairy, gluten, eggs, "natural" flavors, soy, corn, etc. and everything was in plastic! So I went home and got to baking & Superfood City was born. Where health is wealth. Where treats are guilt-free and humans, animals and the planet are all thriving. I can't wait for you to try!